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Do GPIO ports (on raspberry pi) can be used for serial communication? or, how we can connect multiple devices for simultaneous communication on single RX and TX of raspberry pi?

Edit: I have two devices, a GPS module and a GPRS/GSM module to connect, both uses RX and TX to communicate with Pi. GPRS module has SDA SCL pins that I can connect to Pi, but I am not getting the device address (using command i2cdetect -y 1). GPS module has TX and RX pins only which I have to connect to Pi's RX and TX.
Updated 19-Jul-15 0:23am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 19-Jul-15 14:51pm    
barneyman 19-Jul-15 23:14pm    
can't you just use multiple FTDI usb boards?

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Theoretically speaking, yes, but you won't want to get into so much trouble — they are not designed for this purpose. It would be quite difficult to organize such communication. You will understand it if you understand what GPIO is:[^].

For communications, USB or Ethernet is used. In you have some other device (GSP, modem, anything) which still uses something line RS-232, you can use one of the adapter products.

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