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jQuery seems to be eluding me. I don't understand how it works. I'm trying to replicate a small version of the library(for educational purposes) and it isn't working at all. My function returns an array but is unable to call any of the prototype functions. I ask simply for a small piece of code that shows how jQuery returns an array and chains to its prototype. The code I have:

(function(window, undefined)
        var Duplicate = function(selector)
            return new Duplicate.fn.init(selector);

        Duplicate.fn = Duplicate.prototype = {
            click: function()

                return this;

        var init = Duplicate.fn.init = function(selector)
            var ret = [],
                selector = document.querySelectorAll(selector);

            if( selector.length )
                for( var i=0; i<selector.length; i++ )

            return ret;

        init.prototype = Duplicate.fn;

        window.duplicate = Duplicate;
        duplicate('#mydiv'); // returns [ <div id="mydiv"></div> ] - working perfect
        // but
        duplicate('#mydiv').click();   // returns no such function

How do I chain
to the prototype?
Sorry, it all looks gibberish to me. Your "duplicate" is not a function. Also, you names parameters "window" and "undefined" hiding names of two already defined objects. What is "fn"? "init"? And so on...
And array is an object...
What did you try to achieve?

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