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I want to change A Selected radio Button dot color. this is already Black I want a red color.

You can try implementing yours as described here[^].

Else go for FontAwesome. Read - Using FontAwesome Fonts for HTML Radio Buttons and Checkboxes[^]
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Sandy W 28-Jul-15 9:14am    
CAn You send me one code please
I have already shared the links. You can get codes there itself. Try them out.
Sandy W 28-Jul-15 9:22am    
i dont want font awsome any onother
Did you check the first link?
Sandy W 29-Jul-15 4:30am    
yes can u plz suggest me any other option
It is impossible to style radio button directly (at least in this context where you want to change the dot).

Instead you replace the "real" control with span that looks like the control you want to replace (in this case radio button) and hide the real one. The look of the dot is usually controlled by an image in the relevant color.

You have to handle the events such as click and reflect the event back to the real control.

Good example of such change is here
Custom check and radio boxes[^]
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Sandy W 28-Jul-15 9:22am    
hay not working properly
Sinisa Hajnal 29-Jul-15 2:04am    
Which part? Sandy, this is not free code service. If something is alredy done, you will get help in form of links (as you can see), but it is still up to you to make it work. If you have problems, ask the questions - "not working" means nothing, we cannot see your screen or read your mind to know what "not working" means. Please use improve question or write another comment, describing the problem(s) in more detail.

Thank you.
Sandy W 29-Jul-15 4:32am    
i am trying to do this but when i am implement this code. this time only normal radio button can be display.

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