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I am trying to save the last used font, font color, and background color. Then when starting myapp up again, read the data and use the last used settings. Make since?
Here is what I have so far:

User pick new font &/or color
If FontDialog1.ShowDialog() <> Windows.Forms.DialogResult.Cancel Then
            MainText.Font = FontDialog1.Font
            MainText.ForeColor = FontDialog1.Color
        End If
        FontType = FontDialog1.Font.ToString
        FontColor = FontDialog1.Color.ToString

Last used font and color saved to file
FileOpen(1, Application.StartupPath & "\Settings.txt", OpenMode.Output)
WriteLine(1, "Font = " & FontType)
WriteLine(1, "FontColor = " & FontColor)

Program retrieves last used setting when opening
If System.IO.File.Exists(Application.StartupPath & "\Settings.txt") = True Then
    FileOpen(1, Application.StartupPath & "\Settings.txt", OpenMode.Input)
    Do Until EOF(1)
        Input(1, strinput)
        If Trim(strinput).StartsWith("Font") Then
            split = strinput.Split("=")
            FontType= Trim(split(1))
            MainText.Font = FontType '***ERROR HERE
        End If
End If

*** Value of type 'string' cannot be converted to 'System.Drawing.Font'.
Besides getting the value to the right type, it looks like some more trimming will be necessary as well (unless the [brackets] are supposed to be there).

I hope someone out there is smarter than me.
Updated 12-Aug-10 9:26am
Dalek Dave 12-Aug-10 19:47pm     CRLF
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You have to use the Font constructor to create a font from a string. That would look something like this:
MainText.Font = New System.Drawing.Font(New System.Drawing.FontFamily("Arial"), 20)
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