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i want to compare a input date with the inserted date time in sql server

DateTime dt=Convert.ToDateTime("01-01-1900");
if ((rowLB["CloseDate"] is DBNull) !! (Convert.ToDateTime(rowLB["CloseDate"]==dt)))

this is giving error only increment showing how to compare
John C Rayan 31-Jul-15 6:57am
would you mind explaining to me what the following code does.
if ((rowLB["CloseDate"] is DBNull) !! (Convert.ToDateTime(rowLB["CloseDate"]==dt)))

You're using exclamation marks (!!, ASCII code 33) instead of vertical bars (||, ASCII code 124):
DateTime dt = new DateTime(1900, 1, 1);
if (rowLB.IsNull("CloseDate") || Convert.ToDateTime(rowLB["CloseDate"]) == dt)
Member 11755579 31-Jul-15 8:44am
Instead of using exclamation mark use || operator and Use the Datetime compare methods to get the actual results.
for example, || dt.CompareTo(Convert.ToDateTime(closedate))==0)

If compareTo method returns the values based on,

Less than zero - This instance is earlier than value.

Zero - This instance is the same as value.

Greater than zero - This instance is later than value, or value is null.

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