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I have to do a project using Json server. I have never used Json server, so need some help to get directed in a right direction. here some project description:

Use Visual Studio 2013.
You must download and install the following libraries :
“Casablanca” JSON C++ library, you must download it using nuget extension.
Web Server C++ library, download winx64 Vstudio 2013 binaries. v 3.3.3
Requirements :
You should create a simple blog server application in C++, using a Json rest server,
and a client interface, to test your blog server.
Then publish your simple blog with server webtoolkit library.
Use MS SQL Server 2012 database.
The json rest server application should run as a windows service.
Install as a service.(JSON server application)
Create your server win32 service (windows service with casablanca)
Create the Win32 client application (native desktop win32 with casablanca).
Insert a simple blog and few posts, and add some comments.
Publish your blog/site in the C++ Web Server (webtoolkit), this server should get the blog data from the win32 service.
Record a wink video, running your C++ json windows service, client interface, and running the
web server.

I did created the win32 project in Visual Studio 2013, added Casablanca to the project

by right clicking on it (as it says in :

Not sure which files to include, since the JSON sercer is not given in the example.
Also not sure the syntax and functions of how to connect with JSON server and create a SQL table and son on, even though i did made a post to the :

but had not much of the response except to follow the tutorial.

Get back, thanks in advance...
Mohibur Rashid 5-Aug-15 3:24am    
Is this an homework?
[no name] 5-Aug-15 7:18am    
If you do not understand your homework assignment, you need to ask your teacher.
Gennady46 6-Aug-15 6:00am    
I wish i could ask, but unfortunately i cannot, will ask someone else...
Gennady46 6-Aug-15 6:00am    
I wish i could ask, but unfortunately i cannot, will ask someone else...

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