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I have a VC++ application working in release mode. But I am facing an error as "Debug Assertion Failed" in unusual scenarios. When I read about this I got to know that "Debug Assertion Failed" comes in debug mode application. But my application is in Release mode. Kindly help me with this clarification.
Updated 6-Aug-15 2:22am
[no name] 6-Aug-15 8:39am
Bumping your "question" is rude. You are getting that message because you are using a debug build of your application or a library your application is linked to.
VidyasagarSTGM 6-Aug-15 9:21am
I said my application is a Release mode build. thats for sure... But can u tell how to find whether any library is in debug build. I hope your answer will solve my question.
[no name] 6-Aug-15 9:25am
You have to go look.
Firs thing to understand is: there is no such thing as "Debug mode". "Debug" is just a predefined configuration. You just need to control assertions, if they are enabled or not.

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Please see my comment to the question. See also:[^],[^].

As the the "Debug", this is just one of configurations, and the configuration is the part of the standard for MSBuild projects. You usually get a configuration from a project template, but you can always modify any configuration-specific properties, can remove some configurations, create your own, and so forth. In this aspects, "Debug" is just a name.

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