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Hello Code Project Peeps,
I want to get all simple variables from a function or scope. How can i do this,

The code below is just pascal code

For example "Not Woking but you will understand"

Public Function TestFunction()
    Dim varone,vartwo
    varone  = "1"
    vartwo  = "2"
End Function

Public Function dump()
    for each (var item in TestFunction())
        console.write( + ":" +item.var)
End Function

Console Output should be :

1 solution

You can't look into the variables of a function scope because it is private. It is the intended idea of functions and methods, to hide implementation details. You can place the writelines in the TestFunction because there the variables are still into scope.

Good luck!
Member 11824455 6-Aug-15 10:15am
thanks. I undersand but, can I find all the varibles in the same scope where, for example Public Function TestFunction()
Dim varone,vartwo
varone = "1"
vartwo = "2"
for each (var item in this)
console.write( + ":" +item.var)
End Function
E.F. Nijboer 6-Aug-15 12:03pm
No, that is also not possible and you already have access to the variables you declared earlier. If you want to iterate over the items you could consider using an array for example.

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