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i have a datagridview in which it has 2 columns 'Name' and 'ID' like below.


Now , i want that when i select any name from 'Name' column i should get name corresponding ID. for example if i click on 'John' i should get '2454' in variable.

So how its Possible in C#.??
Note: My datagriview is populated from Arraylist.
Arasappan 7-Aug-15 0:40am    
show ur gridview structure
i have shown gridstructure in my question.
Arasappan 7-Aug-15 0:43am    
thats ur output structure i want design struct

use DataGridView.CellClick Event[^] and get the row using dataGridView1.Rows[e.RowIndex] and also you can get other cell values in the same row using cell index, for example
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The code u gave me returns Column number and Row index. I want that if i click on any cell i get value of cell next to it . such as if click on John i should get its corresponding value from next cell .
DamithSL 7-Aug-15 1:19am    
if you know the current cell index, can't you calculate next cell index? :)
No i am not able to calculate next cell index . please help.
DamithSL 7-Aug-15 1:26am    
if cell is not the last cell of the row

Hello ,
First use DatGridview.CellClick Event that already described by DamithSL and then check the ColumnIndex of the clicked cell by this way .
var columnindex= dataGridView.CurrentCell.ColumnIndex;
//Now add 1 for get next  column index
var nextcolumnindex=columnindex+1 ;

//and ultimately get the value of next column by this way
var nextcolumnvalue =dataGridView.Rows[e.RowIndex].Cells[nextcolumnindex].Value;

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Your code is just returning Column and Row index , i want data stored in them.
Thanks your code has worked , i am so much thankful to u. I modified it just a bit and it performed well.
Animesh Datta 7-Aug-15 2:01am    
glad to help you .. :)

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