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I am trying to get a excel work book created using the excel interop. I have one sheet called MonthlyBreakdowns where the values are populated from Dataset What I want now is to populate another sheet called Template with certain values from the MonthlyBreakdowns sheet

I have tried these 2 but they dun seem to give me the necessary result
CType(TempWorksheet.Cells(2, 2), Excel.Range).Formula = String.Concat("=VLOOKUP(", """", "010", """", ";MonthlyBreakdown!A1:E143;5;FALSE)")

CType(TempWorksheet.Cells(2, 2), Excel.Range).Value = String.Concat("=VLOOKUP(", """", "010", """", ";MonthlyBreakdown!A1:E143;5;FALSE)")
Maciej Los 11-Aug-15 9:21am
What's error message?
ASJ_SA 11-Aug-15 10:29am
no error message.. just doesn't do anything!!
Maciej Los 11-Aug-15 11:50am
Paste here the exact formula
ZurdoDev 11-Aug-15 11:41am
Your VLookup looks wrong. I suggest first make it work in regular Excel, then write it in code.

1 solution

First, manually write your formula in a cell, make sure it works.
This is the model for the vb code.

Then, store this formula embedded in quotes as a formula into a cell.

Adice: look at tutorials for "VBA for Excel"
To know how to do something that you do manually, record a macro while you type it, then look how the macro recorded it, it should give you hints about how to do.

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