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In Excel, the height of rows are entered in points and converted into pixels.
As I thought the pixel was the unit for height I was very surprised to see these conversions .....
Left: The unit of points (manually entered) for the height lines
Right: conversion in pixels from Excel
213.67 units = 284 pixels
213.68 units = 286 pixels
213.69 units = 286 pixels
Why when I go from 213.67 to 213.68 points, the number of pixels increases from 284 to 286?
Do you have any idea why?

It depends on the resolution of the output device. Points are absolute values of 1/72 inches, whereas pixels are arbitrary values based on the physical size of the device and the resolution in use.
Thanks for your response
My screen is ACER X263W
My resolution is 1680 x 1050.
Pixel Pitch is 0.287mm (per Acer Specs)

Is there enough information to find the formula for conversion of points to pixels?
If not can you please advise what info would be missing?

Thanks again
I hope this should answer your question How to convert Pixels to Points (px to pt) in .NET? (C#)[^]

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