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I want to be a C ++ DLL for C # call and return list, type is a structure defined
c ++ The structure is;
struct mailInfo
    const char *mailFrom;
    const char *mailReceivers;
    const char *mailDate;
    const char *mailTitle;
    const char *mailBody;

C ++ code is:

extern "C" __declspec(dllexport)  vector<mailInfo> rData(char module_path[],char tableName[])
   mailInfo mailIo;
   int  result = sqlite3_open(((string)module_path+"\\mail.db").c_str(), &conn);  
	if (!result)  
		sqlite3_stmt *stat;  
		const char *pzTail = NULL;  
		sqlcommand="select * from "+(string)tableName+";";
		sqlite3_prepare(conn, sqlcommand.c_str(), -1, &stat, &pzTail);  
		int nColumn = sqlite3_column_count(stat);  		
		result = sqlite3_step(stat);
		while (result == SQLITE_ROW) /* sqlite3_step() has another row ready */  
			//*(p+1) = '\0';  
			mailIo= outputItem(stat, nColumn, module_path); 
			/*mInfo.mailFrom= (const char*)sqlite3_column_text(stat,2);
			string ss=mInfo.mailFrom;
			cout << endl;  
			result = sqlite3_step(stat);  
    return mInfoList;  

The structure is defined in C #:
public struct mailInfo

    /// char*
    public byte[] mailFrom;

    /// char*
    public byte[] mailReceivers;

    /// char*
    public byte[] mailDate;

    /// char*
    public byte[] mailTitle;

    /// char*
    public byte[] mailBody;

[DllImport(&quot;my.dll&quot;, CharSet = CharSet.Auto, CallingConvention = CallingConvention.Cdecl)]
public static extern List&lt;mailInfo&gt; rData(byte[] dbPath, byte[] TBFullName);

Code C # call is;
List<loadDLL.mailInfo> ml = new List<loadDLL.mailInfo>();
byte[] bTN = Encoding.Default.GetBytes(TN);
byte[] bdbPath = Encoding.Default.GetBytes(Form1.datePath + emailFromAddress);
loadDLL.rData(bdbPath, bTN);

But when I run debug, the following tips:
Unable to marshal "return value": unable to marshal the generic type.
I wonder how to return list data from C ++, thank you!
Updated 15-Aug-15 19:33pm
George Jonsson 16-Aug-15 1:36am
You could try to return a regular pointer to an array instead of a list.
Or try a CComSafeArray.

This wont work because, the C++ runtime cant allocate memory for the C# runtime. So you need to provide the string buffer for C++.

Maybe you can use a struct with static buffers like:
struct mailInfo
    byte mailFrom[50];

If it doesnt work, than make a "formatted string" and parse it C#.

//split in C#
String[] mailInfo = s.Split('\n');
In addition to solution 1, you can also use C++/CLI to make the bridge either in the same assembly or an additional one.

In that case, you can create the managed structure from C++/CLI code and it is then much easier to do any required conversion if you go outside of P/Invoke capabilities.

By the way, all strings in both side should ideally be Unicode.

Having byte[] on C# side for strings does not make any sense at all.

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