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Hi Friends,
I have JSON file as below
var LocationList = [

I'm trying to dynamically populate dropdown on my HTML as below

Angular Code:
.factory('locationService', function($filter){
         var Location = {};
         Location.Template = "";
         Location.getLocation = function(){
            var template = '<option direction="ltr" value="" id="theOption2">' + $filter('translate')('lSummary_Location_text') + '</option>';

                             var value = loc.value + ' / ID: ' +;
                             template += '<option direction="ltr" value="' + value + '">' + loc.value + '</option>';
            Location.Template = template;
         Location.getTemplate = function(){
            return Location.Template;
         return Location;

.controller('secondInfoCtrl',function($scope, locationService, $sce){
$scope.locationList =$sce.trustAsHtml(locationService.getTemplate());

$scope.Location = SecondScreenService.getInfo();

<select id="location" ng-model="Location.location" ng-bind-html="locationList"></select>

When I select an option from dropdown and move to next page and come back again to same page, ng-model is not working. Expected behavior is that the dropdown should be set to the value selected by the user, but the dropdown shows 1 option as selected.

If I'm not wrong, ng-model runs before ng-bind-html, so if the dropdown is not populated how the value will be selected.

Is there any way to delay ng-model, so that the list gets populate first and binding happens after that.

Thanks in advance

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