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This may be a stupid question but im trying to find out how many files are in a folder and one minuite its telling me 0 and the next time its telling me 1 when there is simply no files there.

I even made a new folder called H in my documents with nothing in there at all and its still coming back 1 item. someone please explain this or even try it yourself, its hurting my head

int i = Directory.GetFiles(@"C:\Users\William\Documents\H\").Length;
Kevin Marois 19-Aug-15 19:05pm    
Any hidden files in there? What is the name of the file is says is there? Does File.Exist() show it there?
Member 11921461 19-Aug-15 19:12pm    
no hidden files, im not sure how to check the other things, im not that experienced with programming
Kevin Marois 19-Aug-15 19:13pm    
// The file is there
Member 11921461 19-Aug-15 19:14pm    
but what file name would i use? theres no files in there to check
Kevin Marois 19-Aug-15 19:16pm    
Directory.getFiles loads an array with the names of any files that are in the directory. See this:

                // This path is a directory
              int i = Directory.GetFiles(path).Length;
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if Directory.GetFiles return one as length, at that time there may be a file. So why don't you debug and check the file details at run time or show message with file names?
do as below
string[] files= Directory.GetFiles(@"C:\Users\William\Documents\H\");
MessageBox.Show(string.Format("File Count :{0} and Files :{1}", files.Length, string.Join(",",  files)));
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