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I had created a WCF service and used message contract to pass data to client.
I added a new member in message contract and I did not update the service reference of the client.
Now as per WCF versioning the old client should work,but In my case when I get the data after service call,some of the members are populated and some are null(members that are common between the old and new message contract).
I am also using transport='Streamed' for the service binding.

I would like to know whether I am missing something.

I faced the same issue with data contracts.

Thanks in advance.
virusstorm 25-Aug-15 14:55pm    
When you say "common", where any of them touched or changed in any way?

The documentation says "For service contracts, compatibility means new operations exposed by the service can be added but existing operations cannot be removed or changed semantically."
tkbineshb 27-Aug-15 23:51pm    
I added a new member in the data contract response object.The service contract is the same.But when he response object is returned to the old client ,few members are populated and rest are null.If I update the service reference of the client,it works fine.

1 solution

My problem is solved by adding 'Order' member of DataMember attribute with value =2 for newly added members
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