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Hi. I am developing a simple backgammon. i Designed 3 picture for the game. 1) Black not as png format 2)white not ==>png format 3) board jpg

i have sum question about designing game. i want to create it with .NET Framework 4. probably windows application. I'm a bit familiar with wpf but not much.

1. what is the best way for putting png nut on the jpg board? picturebox ?
2. in attention of first question how can i move nuts on board?

if possible give me some tips about developing this game. thanks

You should read a book on WPF. What language are you using, VB.Net or C#? Assuming C#, you can download Visual C# Express 2010 for free. You can use that to get started creating a WPF application. You would use an Image control for an image. Move the nuts using UI events and animation logic.
You have already asked about creating this backgammon game before.

Asking small incremental questions, each one based on the answer given in the previous game will not enable you to do this project.

You need to go back to first principles and get a grounding.

In the meantime, start here.[^]
AspDotNetDev 16-Aug-10 17:52pm
Reason for my vote of 5
shahin.kiassat 16-Aug-10 23:36pm
Reason for my vote of 1
last question was general

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