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Hi All ,

I need to convert a List of data contracts to an integer array[]
from C# to an Integer array[] in C++/CLI and then to C++.

Could you please let me know how can I achive this.

Appreciate your help on this.

//topicDetails is a data-contract

//Here TopicDetails is a class (data contract) as follows.

public class TopicDetails
        protected object baseObjectType;  //string
        protected object topic;            //string

        public TopicDetails();

        public object BaseObjectType { get; set; }
        public object TopicID { get; set; }

        public static TopicDetails CreateTopic<T, mT>(IComparable<T> objectType, IComparable<mT> objectID);
Updated 26-Aug-15 22:02pm
Maciej Los 27-Aug-15 4:26am    
What have you tried? Where are you stuck?
Member 3975629 27-Aug-15 4:44am    
Basically I am not getting any idea on how to proceed. could you please suggest any ideas/suggestions on how to approach this.

Member 3975629 27-Aug-15 5:29am    
As you asked ,

I need to convert from C# , List of datacontract to C++ const integer vector &topicList via C++/CLI wrapper.

I need to pass List of data contract to C++/CLI and then to C++
I need to convert List of data contracts from C# to an integer array in C++ thru a wrapper classes. Please see the details in the below link. And please provide your suggestions on how to achieve this. Thanks..

1 solution

Hi All,

The following code is working to satisfy the requirement.
Please take a look at it.
To convert List of Datacontracts to an integer array.

 int[] data;

var obj = topicDetails;// topicDetails= new List<TopicDetails> { };// List of DataContracts{ BaseObjectType = ":EQUIPMENT", TopicID = "42" };
           var serializer = new System.Runtime.Serialization.DataContractSerializer(typeof(List<TopicDetails>));

           using (var stream = new System.IO.MemoryStream())
               serializer.WriteObject(stream, obj);

               data = new int[stream.Length];
               stream.Position = 0;

               for (int i = 0; i < data.Length; i++)
                   data[i] = stream.ReadByte();
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