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Hi all,
I am doing my application in MVC project. I am implementing the paging concept in my search result page. I have added the script for paging. but while running the application script is not loading in my console.
I have share my code below

<div id="sortMsg" style="text-align:center;color:Red;"></div>
        <table border="1" id="empTable" style="width:50%;removed:default">
            @if (Model != null)
                if (Model.Count() != 0)


                        @foreach (var item in Model)

                                    <div class="tiptext">
                                        "font-size: large; color: rgba(26, 13, 178, 1)" class="description" src="~/Images/popup_pointer.jpg"__^

                                                        </div><hr />
                                                        <div class="description_body">
                                                            ^__b__^Description </b__^<h4 class="des">@item.BusinessDescription</h4>
                                                            ^__b__^Address2 <h4 class="des">@item.Address1</h4>
                                                            ^__b__^Email <h4 style="color:blue; margin: 5px 0px 5px 0px;">@item.EmailID </h4>
                                                            ^__b__^WorkNumber <h4 class="des">@item.WorkNumber</h4>
                                                            ^__b>MobileNumber <h4 class="des">@item.MobileNumber</h4>
                                                            ^__b>City <h4 class="des">@item.City</h4>
                                                            ^__b>State <h4 class="des">@item.State</h4>
                                                            ^__b>ZipCode <h4 class="des">@item.ZipCode</h4>
                                                            @Html.ActionLink("Book An Appointment", "CalendarView", "Appt", new { id = @item.UserID }, null)



                    <label id="lblErrorMsg" title="Record not fount...!" style="color:red;">Record not found...!</label>


<hr />

<div id="pager" class="pager">
    <br />
    <img src="~/Content/first.png" class="first" />
    <img src="~/Content/prev.png" class="prev" />
    <input type="text" class="pagedisplay" />
    <img src="~/Content/next.png" class="next"  />

    <img src="~/Content/last.png" class="last" />
    <select class="pagesize">
        <option selected="selected" value="10">10</option>
        <option value="20">20</option>
        <option value="30">30</option>
        <option value="40">40</option>

<script type="text/javascript">
    $(function () {
        .tablesorter({ widthFixed: true })
        .tablesorterPager({ container: $("#pager") });
        $("#empTable").bind("sortStart", function () {
        }).bind("sortEnd", function () {
        //Hide/delete row on click.Used live() to apply this click event for all the matching rows.
        $("#empTable img").live("click", function () {
            tablesorter_remove($(this).parent().parent(), $('#empTable'));
    //Start of Page Size adjust on Row Delete
    Array.prototype.remove = function (from, to) {
        var rest = this.slice((to || from) + 1 || this.length);
        this.length = from < 0 ? this.length + from : from;
        return this.push.apply(this, rest);

    //repopulate table with data from rowCache
    function repopulateTableBody(tbl) {

        //aka cleanTableBody from TableSorter code
        if ($.browser.msie) {
            function empty() {
                while (this.firstChild) this.removeChild(this.firstChild);
        } else {
            tbl.tBodies[0].innerHTML = "";
        jQuery.each(tbl.config.rowsCopy, function () {
    //removes the passed in row and updates the tablesorter+pager
    function tablesorter_remove(tr, table) {
        //pager modifies actual DOM table to have only #pagesize TR's
        //thus we need to repopulate from the cache first
        var index = $("tr", table).index(tr);
        var c = table.get(0).config;

        //remove row from cache too
        c.totalRows = c.rowsCopy.length;
        c.totalPages = Math.ceil(c.totalRows / config.size);

        //now update

        //simulate user switches page to get pager to update too
        index = < c.totalPages - 1;
        if (index)
    //End of Page Size adjust on Row Delete

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