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Hi ,

I have a problem with web.config. When I run searcharoo4 on my computer it works correctly. My web config is:
        <add key="Searcharoo_IndexerDefaultVerbosity" value="2" />
        <add key="Searcharoo_DebugSerializeXml" value="false" />
        <add key="Searcharoo_RequestTimeout" value="5" />
        <add key="Searcharoo_VirtualRoot" value="http://localhost:53592/Fereshte2/Uploads" />
        <add key="Searcharoo_RecursionLimit" value="200" />
        <add key="Searcharoo_SpeedLimit" value="1" />
        <add key="Searcharoo_StemmingType" value="1" />
        <add key="Searcharoo_StoppingType" value="2" />
        <add key="Searcharoo_GoType" value="1" />
        <add key="Searcharoo_SummaryChars" value="350" />
        <add key="Searcharoo_UserAgent" value="Mozilla/6.0 (MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; Searcharoo.NET; robot)/&gt;&lt;br mode=" hold=" /&gt;        &lt;add key=" searcharoo_cachekey=" value=" searcharoo_catalog="/&gt;&lt;br mode=" searcharoo_catalogfilepath=" value=" searcharoo_tempfilepath=" value=" searcharoo_catalogfilename=" value=" z_searcharoo.dat="/&gt;&lt;br mode=" searcharoo_defaultresultsperpage=" value=" 10="/&gt;&lt;br mode=" searcharoo_defaultlanguage=" value=" en-us="/&gt;&lt;br mode=" searcharoo_ignoreregiontagnoindex=" value=" searcharoonoindex="/&gt;&lt;br mode=" searcharoo_ignoreregiontagnofollow=" value=" searcharoonofollow="/&gt;&lt;br mode=" true="/&gt;&lt;br mode=" version="," culture="neutral," publickeytoken="B77A5C561934E089"/">

<customerrors mode="Off" />

Now I have a problem - if I want to use from this code in a site on the internet this line muse be changed?
<add key="Searcharoo_VirtualRoot" value="http://localhost:53592/Fereshte2/Uploads" />

And changes to what?

Updated 17-Aug-10 21:30pm
Christian Graus 18-Aug-10 2:03am
I'm sorry, my Mac won't support the functionality needed to make this readable. How about you edit it, make it so it's readable, LOOK at the preview the site offers, fix the tags, and generally act like you'd like to be answered ?
thatraja 18-Aug-10 2:38am
What problem? which line? which code? which change? We can't even guess any thing about your file. Edit your question & give more details.

1 solution

<add key="Searcharoo_VirtualRoot" value="http://(server name)/Root_hosted_site_name/Fereshte2/Uploads" />

You need to check the validity of this url by trying to access it.
It simply would be the url of the hosted site with a valid folder path with access.
Dan Neely 18-Aug-10 11:01am
If the path's valid perhaps the remote site is refusing to serve any data to searcharoo because it identifies as a bot.

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