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i was using one text box and one button..
i have using this table
   ISBN       keywords       author_name         title
23232323      hi            RAJKUMAR          dffd
2223234       tty               MANOJ KUMAR     dffd
33333333333333  u            RAJKUMAR           GGG
44542232233   fgf           MANOJ KUMAR        dffd

now i was search a one column for example hi or,RAJKUMAR,OR 23232323,dffd any one that was search it. how to solve this pls help me
but i was using multiple table
Updated 3-Sep-15 22:24pm
Suvendu Shekhar Giri 4-Sep-15 3:43am    
What is your DBMS? SQL Server?
MohamedEliyas 4-Sep-15 5:07am    
Schatak 4-Sep-15 4:27am    
Your question is unclear, are you trying to search in SQL IDE or though code?
if through your code then what is the issue?

1 solution

You can do it in two ways-
1. Usng full text search
Refere these links to understand full text search
Full-Text Search[^]
Understanding Full-Text Indexing in SQL Server[^]
2. Using multiple conditions in WHERE clause
You may build query like -
SELECT ISBN, keywords, author_name, title
FROM YourTable
WHERE ISBN LIKE '%'+@TextToSearch+'%' OR keywords LIKE '%'+@TextToSearch+'%' OR author_name LIKE '%'+@TextToSearch+'%' OR title LIKE '%'+@TextToSearch+'%'

I would recommend to use full text search.

Hope, it helps :)
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