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I send signal from one MCU board to another using two wires from Tx of frist to Rx of second and vice versa, it did great as i was able to see result on LCD.
Then i wanted to try wireless as i have to make a project next month to use in it.
So i purchased RF 433MHz Transmitter and Receiver Pair to do the same wireless.
When i went to purchase it i got this 433Mhz Transmitter/Receiver But when i looked up for tutorials every where i found this 433Mhz Transmitter/Receiver

I neglected that and did the connections, MCU 1 Tx -> Transmitter Data and Receiver Data -> MCU 2 Rx. (Same i did with Wired Connection) But it doesnot work.

Some one told me to use Encoder/Decoder ICs but i didn't understand that.

RX Board Schematic
TX Board Schematic

Updated 8-Sep-15 9:49am
Mehdi Gholam 6-Sep-15 2:39am    
There is very little any one here can help you with, without physically seeing what you have done.
Mehdi Gholam 6-Sep-15 7:54am    
... where?
Patrice T 8-Sep-15 14:38pm    
Can't ask the maker for help or tutorials ?
You should rather search a forum for embedded systems.
Sheriyar Siddiqui 8-Sep-15 14:55pm    
Yes i have posted there, but in-case of no help from there i posted here.

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