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Hello experts,

I have a small question:
What language would any of you recommend to create a client/server application. I need to create one for a project that requires several clients to a specific server. I've been looking around and found that VB is pretty good at this, but at the same time, many anti-virus detect this as malicious software. All I am trying to do is connect from different offices to one, with the database being only in this main computer. (It's an orthodontist with several offices and he would like to see his data in which ever office he is in.)

Any recommendations are gladly appreciated.
Thank you.

P.S. I have also been looking into C# applications, but no luck with documentation except for this ( and most likely to use this approach ):
Introduction to TCP client server in C#[^]

I think you should focus on the design/technique used instead. Then the choice of language will follow; which language/IDE supplies a sufficient framework, how are you planning on debugging your application, what are you comfortable with, etc. I would not recommend writing your own protocol for instance. Using a WebService or similar might do the job to get you quickly started and supply the underlying communication as well as authentication.
If it's a traditonal "thick client" connecting to a central database I'd give RealBASIC[^] (or as it's called these days, RealStudio) a look. It can connect over ODBC to databases, is quite a nice OO language under the covers and you can interface it to C if you need something with a bit of speed.


Languague doesn't matter so much - they're just different tools to accomplish a job. What matters is how the users are expecting to work, your infrastructure and network

If you go with some sort of web interface, you only need to design a site that has access to the database then expose the website to the Intranet \ Internet. Your clients can then use the website from any location which updates the central database. This can be any language you are comfortable with. ASP.Net, php, java etc

You need to gather your user requirements, determine how they are expecting to work. Will they be happy with a web application, or are they expecting some sort of thick client?

Once you have determined what your users want, you can decide on the best tools for the job and make your decisions accordingly.
Hi, I think that platform not matter for you. all of them support Server/Client applications but if you want to develop windows application you can use multi or 3 tiered applications and use COM+ technology to connect to your server remotely.
For more information you can use Delphi 3tire application development. In delphi you can use MIDAS technology too. This technology allows you connect to your Dataset Providers remotely so your Database can Install on another Computer your Server application install on another too.
Well, you can use Java. It has a lot of frameworks. For example: Apache MINA is good choise. Java allows you to build your app very fastly. If you want performance, check C++. You can use boost framefork ;)
Dylan Morley says, "Use whatever you are most skilled in!"

Just to be a wet blanket...
Your question gives me the impression that you're new to programming.

This is big project for a beginner.

Looking at this item:
1. Needs access to all patient files no matter where he is. (of course this means in what ever office of his he's in)

Before you go too far, you'd better brush up on HIPAA regulations.

The transmission of patient data is regulated by law.
If you don't do this right, you and your dentist employer, could find yourselves embroiled in lawsuits and or criminal investigations.
Hello all once again,

So here is what the client wants (overview):

1. Needs access to all patient files no matter where he is. (of course this means in what ever office of his he's in)
2. With this same application, he needs all of his employees, (secretaries etc...) to at least log on.
This is for monitoring reason. (Says he is being suspicious of misuse of internet and computer resource from some employees ex. youtube - movies - music software not allowed)
3. He does not want to access this from the web, so he wants a thick client.
Nyarost 18-Aug-10 15:26pm
May be Adobe AIR for both client and server?
Aescleal 18-Aug-10 16:15pm
The logging on and monitoring what the peons are doing can be done with operating system security - you don't need to mandate a thick client just for that.

Admittedly if he's that suspicious of them why's he employing them? But that's another story...
Dylan Morley 19-Aug-10 8:39am
Use of web should be controlled by a proxy server If he wants to block certain sites such as youtube.

So, if you're going with thick client, you need to consider how the client will communicate with the central repository. Are all the offices on the same domain? Is there implicit trust and comms between the different locations? Or will everything need to happen over HTTPS?

Again, you could create a web service & expose via your web server and have your client consume the web service to retrieve all the data & do updates. You could also look at some sort of remoting setup

I'd say you could easily achieve what you need using the .Net framework, but all the other laguages mentioned are more than capable. Use whatever you are most skilled in!
RaviRanjanKr 6-Dec-11 15:41pm
A suggestion :- you can use Have a question or Comment button to drop your message and to get Immediate response instead of posting as answer.
i thing u may use c# it provide highly fuctionality in client/server service
Nyarost 18-Aug-10 12:16pm
As Java does. This will lead to another holywar. :D I am for Java :D
RaviRanjanKr 6-Dec-11 15:39pm
A suggestion:- Never use short text words like u instead of using 'You'.
JackDingler 6-Dec-11 15:57pm
I love data mining Java servers as fast as they can go for long periods of time...

It makes sys admins dance around as they scramble to reconfigure the garbage collection, caches and throttling to keep the servers from crashing, again and again...

I actually got paid to do that for a while... It was a large corporation with competing kingdoms. The IT department refused to communicate with us... We had to get billing out so they could get paid. Our King had enough power to shelter us from their King, while we generated revenue...
go for java or else c++. java is a robust application and it has well built frameworks

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