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how to get total number of child nodes of xml file and total elements in each child node.[i want to display the xml file in table layout control at run time for that i need to count rows and coloms]
how to get count of rows and colums at runtime based on xml file.

Parse the file with one of the XML classes available in .NET, such as[^].
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Have a look at example:
//define xml document content
string xcontent = @"<?xml version='1.0' ?>
        <row number='0'>
            <col number='1' header='true'>A</col>
            <col number='2' header='true'>B</col>
        <row number='1'>
            <col number='1' header='false'>ValueA1</col>
            <col number='2' header='false'>ValueB1</col>
        <row number='2'>
            <col number='1' header='false'>ValueA2</col>
            <col number='2' header='false'>ValueB2</col>

//create xml document from string
XDocument xdoc = XDocument.Parse(xcontent);

//get the name of element, its level and no. of subnodes
var result = xdoc.Descendants()
                NodeName = x.Name,
                NodeLevel = x.AncestorsAndSelf().Count(),
                ChildsCount = x.Descendants().Count()


NodeName NodeLevel ChildsCount
table    1         10
rows     2         9
row      3         2
col      4         0

You might be interested in other properties and methods of XmlElement class[^]. A most interesting is XElement.AncestorsAndSelf Method ()[^]
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Matt T Heffron 1-Oct-15 19:03pm    
Maciej Los 1-Oct-15 19:07pm    
Thank you, Matt
BillWoodruff 1-Oct-15 19:41pm    
+5 Excellent !
Maciej Los 2-Oct-15 0:27am    
Thank you, Bill.
Member 12390137 2-Jun-16 4:23am    
Hello guys I have never use xml b4 how to use this on.

private void cmdCountUsingString_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


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