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Right now I am creating a 2010 project and I am having some issues with creating a sub function that will list all files including files in sub directories.

It is very easy to create a script that will list all files in a directory but not all sub directories.
Could someone please tell me the code that I need for this file listing function?

I know for C++ there is a project for this using C++.
I am looking for the same type of script but for

Thank you :)
Updated 18-Aug-10 23:13pm
Dalek Dave 19-Aug-10 5:14am
Minor Edit for Readability and Grammar.

1 solution

Something like this might solve it for you:

Imports System.IO

Module Module1

    Sub Recurse(ByVal directory As DirectoryInfo, ByVal resultList As List(Of FileInfo))

        For Each subDirectory As DirectoryInfo In directory.GetDirectories()
            Recurse(subDirectory, resultList)
    End Sub

    Sub Main()
        Dim flatList As List(Of FileInfo)

        flatList = New List(Of FileInfo)
        Recurse(New DirectoryInfo("C:\Projects"), flatList)

        For Each f As FileInfo In flatList

    End Sub

End Module

Hope this helps,
Dalek Dave 19-Aug-10 5:14am
5! Good answer.

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