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Actually i have a table with Items as,

No.   Name.
2      abc
2      def
3      jkl
4      MNO
4      PQR

Here it number series needs to be changed but in the following way and records are in thousands.

No.   Name.
11      abc
11      def
12      jkl
13      MNO
13      PQR
Updated 13-Sep-15 10:46am
Patrice T 13-Sep-15 11:34am
What is your question ?
What is your problem ?
What is the usage of the number, is it indexed ?
Member 10418330 13-Sep-15 11:45am
Yes it is an index but it may repeat and i want to replace these indexes with new values and should also repeat

1 solution

UPDATE MyTable SET [No] = [No] + 9
Suvendu Shekhar Giri 13-Sep-15 11:49am
5ed :)
Maciej Los 13-Sep-15 16:47pm
What is logic?
OriginalGriff 13-Sep-15 17:08pm
"A branch of philosophy and mathematics that deals with the formal principles, methods and criteria of validity of inference, reasoning and knowledge. Logic is concerned with what is true and how we can know whether something is true."

Maciej Los 13-Sep-15 17:16pm
Years ago, when i was a student (of law) i said: logic is illogical. Now i know how much i was wrong ;)
Cheers, Maciej
OriginalGriff 13-Sep-15 17:28pm
You? Law?
I dunno, accountants, solicitors, we're letting anyone in these days! :laugh:
Maciej Los 13-Sep-15 18:10pm
Yeah... Law is my occupation, but programming is my hobby (and the second source of income).
I hope to gain a civil law doctorate in next 2 years ;)

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