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I have a Linux code for an API call to upload an image.

curl -H ’Authorization: Bearer 1-N’ -D - -k \
  -F "image[]=@Freddie_Mercury.jpg;type=image/jpeg" \
   http://localhost:8080/v1/auction-lot/1-1CM/image; echo
   HTTP/1.1 100 Continue

How this can be implemented in C# code. I have done the following

imageBytes = webClient.DownloadData(Freddie_Mercury.jpg);
var client = new WebClient();
client.Headers[HttpRequestHeader.ContentType] = "application/x-www-form-urlencoded";          Dictionary<string, string> value = new Dictionary<string,string>();
value.Add("image[]", Convert.ToBase64String(imageBytes));
System.Net.Http.FormUrlEncodedContent test = new System.Net.Http.FormUrlEncodedContent(value);
resp = client.UploadString(url,test.ToString());

It shows a bad request error. Please help me.
Updated 17-Sep-15 0:32am
Leo Chapiro 17-Sep-15 5:47am    
Do you mean imageBytes = webClient.DownloadData("Freddie_Mercury.jpg"); ?
What command raise an error?
Please put your code in try / catch ...
Baiju christadima 17-Sep-15 6:06am    
Thanks for your feed back

resp=client.uploadstring(url,test.Tostring()); showing the error
The error response is "Bad request"
[no name] 25-Jun-16 3:53am    
This is probably what you need :

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