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Hi to all
I am facing problem to rewrite the url for more then 3 pages
iam using urlrewrite http module
<httpModules><add name="UrlRewriter" type="Intelligencia.UrlRewriter.RewriterHttpModule, Intelligencia.UrlRewriter"/></httpModules>


    <rewrite url="~/(.+)-(.+)_aspx" to="~/ViewVideos.aspx?mID=$2"/>
    <rewrite url="~/(.+)-(.+)-aspx" to="~/ViewGalery.aspx?GID=$2"/>
   <rewrite url="~/(.+)-(.+).aspx" to="~/ViewPage.aspx?TitleID=$2"/>


the below code i am using inside page
public static string GenerateURL(object Title, object strId)
        string strTitle = Title.ToString();

        #region Generate SEO Friendly URL based on Title
        //Trim Start and End Spaces.
        strTitle = strTitle.Trim();

        //Trim "-" Hyphen
        strTitle = strTitle.Trim('-');

        strTitle = strTitle.ToLower();
        char[] chars = @"$%#@!*?;:~`+=()[]{}|\'<>,/^&"".".ToCharArray();
        strTitle = strTitle.Replace("c#", "C-Sharp");
        strTitle = strTitle.Replace("", "VB-Net");
        strTitle = strTitle.Replace("", "Asp-Net");

        //Replace . with - hyphen
        strTitle = strTitle.Replace(".", "-");

        //Replace Special-Characters
        for (int i = 0; i < chars.Length; i++)
            string strChar = chars.GetValue(i).ToString();
            if (strTitle.Contains(strChar))
                strTitle = strTitle.Replace(strChar, string.Empty);

        //Replace all spaces with one "-" hyphen
        strTitle = strTitle.Replace(" ", "-");

        //Replace multiple "-" hyphen with single "-" hyphen.
        strTitle = strTitle.Replace("--", "-");
        strTitle = strTitle.Replace("---", "-");
        strTitle = strTitle.Replace("----", "-");
        strTitle = strTitle.Replace("-----", "-");
        strTitle = strTitle.Replace("----", "-");
        strTitle = strTitle.Replace("---", "-");
        strTitle = strTitle.Replace("--", "-");

        //Run the code again...
        //Trim Start and End Spaces.
        strTitle = strTitle.Trim();

        //Trim "-" Hyphen
        strTitle = strTitle.Trim('-');

        //Append ID at the end of SEO Friendly URL
        strTitle = strTitle + "-" + strId + ".aspx";

        return strTitle;
now i want to rewrite the url for sub folder pages
i have the sub floder/En
/En i have the Eviewpage and also Default page
now i want to Rewrite the url for Default page links to Eviewpage
these two pages are present in side sub floder
please help me to find the sollution.

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