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I'm using Python 2.5 so I have limited .net support. Despite this I need to call a class library from a Python module, so

I created a c++/CLI mixed dll with the appropriate extern c functions to create a python extension dll, all great so far. (although I did have to rename from .dll to .pyd)

I then call my class library from the c++/CLI mixed dll and here is the problem:

I can only get it to work by loading the class library using Assembley::LoadFrom and calling methods using reflection.

Or to put it another way, if I reference my class library from the c++/CLI mixed dll then when I consume it in Python it fails to load the library despite me copying it to \Python25 and \Python25\dlls.

If anybody can shed some light on why when in the python environment can't find my class library and how I can help it to find it, that would be a great help.
Updated 20-Sep-15 23:07pm
ARopo 5-Oct-15 6:32am
I never did get to the bottom of this, ended up loading the class library dynamically and using reflection to call it. I think in may be something to do with dll initialization and the timing and order of things.

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