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hi guys

i am new to vsto and trying to convert my existing vba code to vsto code. there is something confusing me. Why should we use Ctype to convert a range object to Excel.Range even if range itself returns a range type rather than object type.

the code ise below. if i dont use Ctype, it gives error(option strcit doesnt allow late binding)

app here represents Excel.Application

CType(app.Columns("A:A"), Excel.Range)

Note:option strict is on, and i deliberately left it on. and i cast all the object-type-returning objects to the relevant type, like Excel.Range, Excel.WorkSheet etc. but i thought i was not supposed to cast range itself or columns to Excel.Range. why am i forced to do this?
Maciej Los 21-Sep-15 16:18pm    
why am i forced to do this? - you're the only persion who can answer this question!
ExcelinEfendisi 21-Sep-15 16:23pm    
didnt get what you mean?
Maciej Los 21-Sep-15 16:42pm    
I understand you very well. I wanted to show you that your question makes no sense.
ExcelinEfendisi 21-Sep-15 16:46pm    
uh huh. i searched a bit more and i got it now. it was just a misconception. it was just stupid of me.

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