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I will work on FFMPEG , I want a face replacement by my image in a video. For this subject I searched for something which I am describing below. Please let me know if I am wrong, and suggest a more proper procedure for the task.

1) I can extract all images from a video frame by frame.

2) Then we detect face from each image.

3) Morph an image onto the face.

4) Then again make a video with these images through FFMPEG.

Am I right? If yes then what about audio in this process? And if wrong then where am I mistaken?

Please help me in this windows application ..
Kenneth Haugland 23-Sep-15 7:55am
You might consider using a PixelShader here, it will ensure that all frames are treated.
a.anvesh 24-Sep-15 3:21am
Can you please tell me how to strat this project..

Above one is requirement in .NET.

So can you please help me in that...

Thanks Kenneth
sreeyush sudhakaran 27-Sep-15 6:31am
Have a glance at
a.anvesh 28-Sep-15 6:22am
Please sreeyush.. Can you please help me in this task.. I would greatly appreciate it if you help me in this task.
sreeyush sudhakaran 28-Sep-15 6:23am
Google is great master make him as friend..and also sorry I don't have experience in Video Processing projects :-)

1 solution

Please make you of following links which may guide you.

1) Extract all images from a video frame by frame.
Extracting still pictures from movie files, with C#[^]
Extract Frames from Video Files[^][^][^][^]

2) Detect face from image.[^][^]
Camera Face Detection in C# using Emgu CV and WPF[^]
Multiple face detection and recognition in real time[^]
Haar-feature Object Detection in C#[^]

3)Morph an image.[^][^]
Image Processing Lab in C#[^][^][^][^][^]

4) Make a video with images through FFMPEG.[^][^][^][^][^][^][^][^]

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