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Given a funcition with this prototype
void Func(int* elements, int count);

Is this
vector<int> v;
Func(&*v.begin(), v.size());

safe? Or how should I call Func? In a portable way, I mean. Does vector guarantee the memory layot of my array in some way?

1 solution

It's guaranteed that the elements of a vector are stored contiguously.

Sorry. I forgot to tell one important thing.
&*v.begin() isn't safe because sometimes the iterator of a vector is not a pointer. Use &*v[0].
goorley 20-Aug-10 7:09am
Thank you!
Emilio Garavaglia 21-Aug-10 3:45am
Not &*v[0], but &v[0], since v[0] is a reference and you want a pointer. (*v[0] works only if v[0] has a pointer semantic, but with all other result! Otherwise ill not compile).

Also: whatever v.begin() is, *v.begin() is a reference, so &*v.begin() is a pointer

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