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In my SQL Server DB one row contains comma split values.
id | column_name
1 | 3,4,5,6,7

I want retrieve those values and store in to array.

please anyone suggest a way to accomplish this/ refer some sample code to do this.
It would be very helpful to me!

1 solution

SQL Server doesn't have a split function out-of-the-box so one easy way is to build your own and use it inside SQL statements. For example have a look at An Easy But Effective Way to Split a String using Transact-SQL[^]

If you don't want to use a function there are alternative approaches such as Split Comma Separated List Without Using a Function[^]

Of course one option is not to do it on the database side but just fetch the whole string value and then use String.Split[^] on the calling side to split the string and get an array.
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CHill60 28-Sep-15 16:56pm    
5'd - especially for the split-it-on-the-calling-side bit.
Of course, one has to wonder why they've gone for a comma-separated column instead of a decent schema design ;-P
Wendelius 28-Sep-15 17:02pm    

Yep, it's awfully often I see different kinds of lists stored in a single column while all the fuzz could be avoided by adding a simple child table. I haven't yet figured out why such solutions are so tempting...

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