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My question is pretty simple. I want to know how i acces the screen to print different kinds of both colors or images.
This a very big question which i am aware of but this is the first time i would do something like this. So keep it basic. :)
Thanks for the time taken answering

That depends very much on the environment in which your C++ program runs. In an oldfashioned DOS program you could access video memory directly. A by now almost just as oldfashioned Win32 application has the rather abstract GDI (graphics device interface) with which you can draw without having to care about low level hardware issues. If you want to use all the features of modern graphics hardware, you will need to take a look at DirectX or Open GL.

And there are countless more ways to get somthing onto the screen in other languages and environments. Once you know where you want to go and what you want to do there, you should look for some articles about the subject which will probably help you more than any answer to a question here.
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JONLIN 30-Sep-15 6:34am    
So it's just to read away on GDI since i run win32.cpp
[no name] 30-Sep-15 7:14am    
Yes, but it depends a little on what you want to do. If you want animated graphics for a game, then the DirectX SDK would be the way to go. GDI was more intended to fill the client area of a window or to create the content of a printed document.
That is platform dependent. On Windows you may use the GDI (see for instance "GDI Drawing and Printing"[^]), but there are many alternatives to (GDI+, Direct3D, OpenGL,...).
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