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'tblproductsDataSet' does not contain a definition for 'Description' < error
i get it on price and description , what does it mean by definition , is the problem at my table? its a tutorial from youtube, the reason i ask here is because you know what youre talking about and theres quick replies :) its for a point of sale
heres the link to maybe explain it better[^]

You are calling "Description" table from dataset "tblproductsDataSet" but the table "Description" is not belongs to that particular dataset; because of that it's throws that error message.
Look at your code. Somewhere you are trying to reference something called "Description" but it is not where your code says it is. Since we can't see your code, you'll need to fix that.

Also, for future reference, please post an appropriate title so that people will know what this is about without having to read it all.
jamesmc1535 1-Oct-15 8:28am
thanks alot :)

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