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I am working on Winfrom application where, I am reading a text file and display its huge data to Zedgraph and MS chart. Everything is fine. Problem is appearing when I use minimize and Maximize options. I hide the form by pressing the minimize button which is on the upper right side of the window. When I click on form to display form, Its appearing white screen means form not showing graph for some period.
After two and three seconds, it comes to normal condition. I know it is coming due to huge data .But I can‘t reduce data points. Can anyone help me for this issue?

Thanks in advance!
[no name] 4-Oct-15 8:58am    
I would give TChart a Trial. I know it is not free, but if it solves your Problem it is worth to spend These bucks. It is not a big Thing to test it, you can download a Trial Version of it.
Ralf Meier 5-Oct-15 2:24am    
I don't know what you are exactly doing there but I suppose that you complete refresh or invalidate your Chart when the Form is maximized again ... or you reset the Chart and write all existings data once more in it on that condition.

I suggest you give more Information about this part ...
Farah Uzma 5-Oct-15 14:50pm    
@Ralf Meier ,I displayed all data on chart at once ,then I hide the form using minimize button.After some period when I maximize the form,Chart Area was appearing in white color.After two and three seconds, it comes to normal condition, display its data.
Ralf Meier 6-Oct-15 0:22am    
OK ... I understand.
That seemes to me as if the Chart is completely refreshed (as I described).
Would you tell me something more about your Form-Scripts (OnActivated, OnLoad, OnInvalidated) or those Eventhandlers ?

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