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I hosted a small application on my local iis with window authentication mode. when i access the application it require userid and passsword and when i provide the userid and password of my computer it is working fine but when i access the application on another computer in same LAN then it again require userid and password and when the userid and password id entered then it is not working.

Kindly solve the problem.

1 solution

You'll need to troubleshoot this on your own since we can't access your systems; however, there are some options.

When accessing from the other system, is the website still on your machine? Meaning, does user B go to http://yourmachine/yoursite? If so, make sure you enter domain name\username and then your password.

If you copied the files to machine B and it does not work then you need to go into IIS and fix it.
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Member 11245699 6-Oct-15 11:34am    
i have tried domain name\username and then password but the problem is not resolved.
ZurdoDev 6-Oct-15 11:39am    
Then we need more specific details or you'll need to configure IIS properly. We can't see what you have so it's hard to help you.
Member 11245699 7-Oct-15 4:18am    
I have enabled the window authentication and disable others on iis server and in web.config file i made the changes given below:-
Authentication mode=window and in authorization allow users=* and deny users=?
ZurdoDev 7-Oct-15 7:02am    
Then is that computer a member of a domain?

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