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Dear All,

I'm a beginner in SSIS.
I have a list of tables name for which I have to create a specific SQL Tasks. Each SQL Task has to run the same store Procedure, that accepts the table name as parameter.
So my question is: is there a way to read each name contained in this list and for each one create a new SQL Task dynamically?

Many thanks in advance for your kindly support,

1 solution

Please try this.
1. Create an Object Type Variable at Package Level
2. Create SQL Task with SQL Statement as
SELECT 'YourTable1' AS [TableList]
SELECT 'YourTable2' AS [TableList]
SELECT 'YourTable3' AS [TableList]
SELECT 'YourTable4' AS [TableList]

Note: Change YourTable* with your table names.

3. Set the SQL Task Result Set to "Full result set" and map this results to the variable created in step 1

4. Create a String Type variable at Package Level (ParTableName).
5. Create a Foreach Container, and set it as ADO Enumerator and set ADO Object Source variable to variable created in Step1
Under Variable mappings select the variable created in Step 4 (its index will be = 0)
Ref: Using the Foreach ADO Enumerator in SSIS[^]

6. Now create a SQL Task inside Foreach Container. This will execute your store proc against tables
SQL Statement will be:
EXEC [YourStoredProc] ?
Now map a parameter your SQL Task

Let me know how it goes!

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