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I want to show some information on calendar on mouse over on data. These data should come from the database SQL Server.
how to use tool tip here.

[Edit]Removed Capital Letters -KR[/Edit]
Updated 12-Oct-15 3:01am
Andy Lanng 12-Oct-15 9:02am    
1: Please don't should (use caps)
2: Your message content should contain more information that the title
3: Read this before posting: What have you tried
Thanks7872 12-Oct-15 9:38am    
Why OP would write 100 words when he can get answers even with 10 words? You can find tons of such examples. :-)
Andy Lanng 12-Oct-15 10:40am    
The important points where 1 & 3. point 2 contained the word "should" unlike the others. Non-the-less, I will concede the point that I should clarify point two is less critical but still important. ^_^

1 solution

Yeah, way to go. You have the logic, and you're step behind from what you want to implement.

And no (a big no), we're not going to write anything for you. That's is something you need to do.
As I assume, this a homework; it won't entertained here.
If you expect us to do your homework, that's not going to work. There's a pretty good reason behind this: "You won't be learn anything, if you expect others do your work for you".

You can try something on your own at first and when you stuck anywhere, anyone from here would do his/her best to help you out. But don't directly ask for the source code.

Thanks to Richard [^], please read this: A link to the Guidelines

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