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Hello I am trying to read from multiple directories of xml files and select certain ones to be placed in one folder. Everything goes well until I get an error message at the "File.WriteAllText" function. I verified the directory being written to does exist. 4cenUs.xml is also the first file that is suppose to be written to the directory.

Below is the code
It says:
can not find part of the path at C:\pg\XMLPull\xmlFiles2015\4cenUS.xml

DirectoryInfo di = Directory.CreateDirectory(@"C:\pg\XMLPull\xmlFiles2015\");

var getFiles = Directory.GetFiles(@"\\Company\file\","*xml",SearchOption.AllDirectories).ToList();

            DirectoryInfo di = Directory.CreateDirectory(;C:\pg\XMLPull\xmlFiles2015\);
           getFiles.ForEach(file =>
               var fileContents = File.ReadAllText(file);

               if (!fileContents.Contains(Diagnostics<systemname>))


                       File.WriteAllText(C:\pg\XMLPull\xmlFiles52015\ + Path.GetFileName(file), fileContents)
[no name] 13-Oct-15 10:15am    
You are getting error like " C:\pg\XMLPull\xmlFiles2015\4cenUS.xml" but you used path in your code as "C:\pg\XMLPull\xmlFiles52015\". If you see closely you are missing "5" in "xmlFiles52015".

Please cross check your path is completely correct.

1 solution

   File.WriteAllText(@"C:\pg\XMLPull\xmlFiles52015\" + Path.GetFileName(file), fileContents);

There is a typo. You could put the root directory in a string const to avoid this kind of problem.
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Member 12009796 13-Oct-15 11:02am    
Thank you I can't believe I miss that everything is working fine now.

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