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hiii i am creating a small software in visual studio2013 using C# i want to add marathi language in label so it is possible to do it ????andif yes which font should i install ????

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Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 16-Oct-15 14:49pm    
Just asking, you can reference any one link to that article. Adding the link to similar post on different locations may confuse the reader. :-)
The data is already lost, perhaps you were lost in the encoding so much that you missed the point of fetching the data once again in the same method.

Unicode is applied to .NET framework, so all the dependant frameworks also include support for Unicode.

1. WPF
2. Win Forms

Many other frameworks from Microsoft also support Unicode, SQL Server is an example. The main concept is how the data is stored, you should not consider working around in that low level layer, you should only know that there is one framework, or character-set that supports Marathi, Arabic, Hindi etc and that is Unicode. What is UTF-8, UTF-16 LE, BE blah blah, forget about them. Just, store the data as you would and bring it back in the same way. The data is lost, when there is a mismatch between the encodings being used to map the characters to numbers, and to the byte-representation.

Font-family does play a role, but not as much important role as the encoding does. UTF-8 must only be used! That is applied to ASP.NET by default. For more, please read this article of mine: Reading and writing Unicode data in .NET[^]
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