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SO I'm experimenting with my own site analytics feature (I can't stand Google Analytics any longer...), and have a databse table that recordsr user activity.
ID - autoincrement
SessionID (Int)
dDateTime (Date/time of page hit)
plus a few other things that don't matter here.

Now, I can get a basic listing of sessions using this:

select count(ID), timediff(max(ddateTime),min(dDateTime)) 
from tableName
where date(dDateTIme) >= 'some start date' 
and date(dDateTIme) <= 'some end date' 
group by SessionID order by SessionID

OK... but what I want is the averages - i.e. a single row that tells me the average number of page hits per session, and the average length of time the user spent on the site. Something like:

select avg(count(ID)), avg(timediff(max(ddateTime),min(dDateTime))) 
from tableName
where date(dDateTIme) >= 'some start date' 
and date(dDateTIme) <= 'some end date' 
group by SessionID

But that (apparently) is an invalid use of GROUP BY ....

I know it can be done.... ?
Updated 20-Oct-15 1:00am
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 20-Oct-15 5:14am
You probably meant count(SessionID), as ID is a meaningless SID...
Wombaticus 20-Oct-15 6:01am
It doesn't matter as I only want to count rows - but really 'SessionID' shouldn't have been in that 1st SQL query at all - I've removed it now

1 solution

I would do that this way:

SELECT SUM(CountOfID) AS Total, AVG(TimeDifference) AvgTime
   SELECT count(ID) AS CountOfID, timediff(SECOND, max(ddateTime),min(dDateTime)) AS TimeDifference
   FROM tableName
   WHERE date(dDateTIme) >= 'some start date' and date(dDateTIme) <= 'some end date'
   GROUP BY SessionID order by SessionID )AS T

For further information, please see:
MySQL AVG TimeDiff of Multiple rows[^]
Avg Time difference in mysql[^]
Wombaticus 22-Oct-15 17:09pm
Thank you! (For the record, timediff only accepts two parameters, and you missed and AS in 'AVG(TimeDifference) AvgTime', but still you got me there! :)
Maciej Los 22-Oct-15 17:11pm
You're very welcome.
Cheers, Maciej

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