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Hi there...
i am really stuck with VS 2010.
Whenever I am opening my C# Project Solution... Project just opened and closed withing a second. It's happened rapidly.

But when I opened another solution it's working fine.
after some google i try with uninstalling & Re-Installing VS 2010.
But nothing changed.

VS 2010 closed unexpectedly.
Please tell me as soon as how i can get off from this problem..
Updated 28-Dec-20 21:58pm
CHill60 23-Oct-15 10:58am
Sounds like the solution or one of the project files is corrupt.
Open up the solution .SLN file for one of the solutions that is working and the one that is not - see what the differences are (they are text files). Do the same with the .csproj files.
Or - try recreating the solution / projects copying the original source across bit by bit. Close and re-open the solution regularly and you should be able to track it down
Nilesh Dalvi 23-Oct-15 11:58am
Nothing is differ with working Vs Not-Working file.
I checked .sln/.csproj files...
but nothing is differ.
CHill60 23-Oct-15 12:28pm
In that case go with Solution 1. When you are able to load a new solution, compare the .SLN files again and you may spot what was wrong
Philippe Mori 23-Oct-15 12:57pm
Don't open any file or close them before they are loaded when opening the solution. One trick would be to rename problematic file so it does not open automatically.

Or try another version of Visual Studio.

You most likely have a corrupted .csproj file.

You could try to open the file in an external editor like Notepad++ and also open a working .csproj file and then compare and see if there is any obvious error.

Another option is to create a new solution and add the existing files of the project one by one.

If you have more than one project in your solution, delete the .sln file and create a new solution where you add the projects again one by one.

Unfortunately I don't know any better way, but maybe someone else know.
Nilesh Dalvi 23-Oct-15 11:55am
Actually I think, I must need to know what will be the cause Or solution. But currently I need to complete my pending task as possible as.
For now, I decide to create new project; I will sort it afterward.
Delete the project file that causes the problem and recreate it.
Nilesh Dalvi 23-Oct-15 11:56am
Yes I decided to create a new one...
Hey there,
I tried my all best... but VS 2010 still not responding me.
When I try to open my solution; solution/project just open and VS show me Error message and restart.

I also try with creating new one; but there are one another new problem;
1) I create new project file
2) Drag & Drop Panel control and then when i tried to resize it; my mouse cursor start blinking & changing mouse icon normal arrow to s-resize(icon with up-down arrow)
(It's not happend with only panel control but with all toolBox control.
3) after few try to resize new project also restarting again n again.

Currently I have VS 2010 (Which was not working)
I tried uninstalling and Re-Installing VS2010... it's totally worthless...

Then i tried with VS 2012
The same problem happened with VS2012 also

plzzzzzzzz tell me What to do.
Had the same problem (VS 2019). I just deleted the ".suo"-File. Then everything worked again.
(in hidden .vs-Folder)

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