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Hello, i want to create a GUI with c++/cli to display video from an embedded camera
I didn't find any article who speak about that.
Could you help me please.[^]
Updated 27-Oct-15 2:39am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 27-Oct-15 9:37am    
1) This is not a question; 2) You certainly need to develop your search skills :-).

You must fetch the image from the camera and display it on a GUI.

Here is an outstanding article CXImage which handles a lot of image processing tasks.
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I did not see your search, but you either looked in wrong place, and, most likely, used too narrow search criteria. If you are using C++/CLI, the article or answer using any CLI language would suite you; note that most publications are written using C#. Also, you need to understand that "embedded camera" is just one of the Web (or USB) cameras installed; normally, you list all installed cameras and pick one for your operations. Also, the mode when you watch video from camera is often called "preview"; this is the way it is documented in camera APIs and other places.

CodeProject-only search gave me 4312 matches:[^].

From the other hand, it would be good to limit your search with certain UI framework/library: what is it, WPF, System.Windows.Forms or something else? It would make the major difference. You can also limit you CodeProject search to articles.

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Jammes_Ca 27-Oct-15 10:04am    
I want to use a camera that used on quadcopter (drone) that communicate with blutooth or i want to display the video on a gui , after i will use OpenCv application.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 27-Oct-15 10:21am    
Note that you did not say it in your original question. Just do it. You will find a lot of information.
"GUI from embedded camera" on a drone? Come on. You are asking about different things.
Jammes_Ca 27-Oct-15 11:58am    
It's the same thing, where you can find embedded ???. sure we can find embedded camera on drone on car..etc. now i'm working on a drone i built a GUI to control a drone.and i wante to embedded a camera on the drone and get the video on my GUI :)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 27-Oct-15 12:16pm    
Sorry, not "the same thing", not even close.

I understand. My note was about "GUI", not "embedded". It's not "GUI from embedded camera on drone". You have to stream video via your network, which makes the major difference. Do you really have Windows on drone? You can stream, for example, via VideoLAN, on Windows and some other OS.

Jammes_Ca 27-Oct-15 12:19pm    
On the drone there is A linux RTOS embedded, that i send command and receive commande.
i use a gui to control the drone via usb radio communication. my question is how i can interface an embedded camera on my GUI.

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