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hi all,
I have a main directory which contains many sub directories. In each sub directory there will be images. I have managed to export images from each subdirectory into each excel spreadsheet in a excel workbook. For example, if I have 10 sub directories, there will be 1 excel workbook with 10 excel spreadsheets, in each spreadsheet there will be each sub directory's images.

What I want to accomplish now is if there is no image in any sub directory, the sub directory exported to an excel spreadsheet will be blank. I want to add "No image found" to that blank excel spreadsheet as text.

This is what I have tried but no text appear on the blank excel spreadsheet:
string[] filesindirectory = Directory.GetDirectories(Server.MapPath("~/StoreImage"));  //main directory path

int ImageCount = 0;

  foreach (string subdir in filesindirectory)  //foreach sub directory in main directory
                string[] splitter = subdir.Split('\\');
                string folderName = splitter[splitter.Length - 1];
                ExcelWorksheet ws = package.Workbook.Worksheets.Add("Worksheet-" + folderName); //create new worksheet
                ImageCount = 0;
                foreach (string img in Directory.GetFiles(subdir))  //foreach image in sub directory
                    if (Directory.GetFiles(subdir).Length == 0)   //if no image in that sub directory
                      ws.InsertRow(5, 2);

                        // Inserting values in the 5th row
                        ws.Cells["A5"].Value = "12010";
                        ws.Cells["B5"].Value = "Drill";
                        ws.Cells["C5"].Value = 20;
                        ws.Cells["D5"].Value = 8;

                        // Inserting values in the 6th row
                        ws.Cells["A6"].Value = "12011";
                        ws.Cells["B6"].Value = "Crowbar";
                        ws.Cells["C6"].Value = 7;
                        ws.Cells["D6"].Value = 23.48;                         
                        System.Drawing.Image Image1 = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(img);
                        var ADDImage1 = ws.Drawings.AddPicture("Chart" + ImageCount.ToString(), Image1);
                        // Row, RowoffsetPixel, Column, ColumnOffSetPixel
                        if (ImageCount > 1)
                            ADDImage1.SetPosition(ImageFinalPosition, 0, 2, 0);
                            ADDImage1.SetSize(770, 450);
                            ImageFinalPosition += (ImagePosition + 1); // Add 1 to have 1 row of empty row
                            ADDImage1.SetPosition(ImageCount, 0, 2, 0);
                            ADDImage1.SetSize(770, 450);
                            ImageFinalPosition = (ImageCount + ImagePosition) + 1; // Add 1 to have 1 row of empty row

This is the output I want to achieve:[^]

Please help me on this, thanks!
Updated 29-Oct-15 20:08pm

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Member 11999641 30-Oct-15 2:10am    
hi VR Karthikeyan, I have tried the method in the link but still got no content appear in the blank excel spreadsheet. Please look at my updated post thanks.

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