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Hi all,

My web host is moving all MS SQL Server databases from SQL Server 2008 (or possibly 2005) to 2012. I have Management Studio but am not sure of what to use.

I have done some searches on the web but am still not sure what's the best approach and I don't want to mess things up. I did an export from the old DB and chose to include both schema and data. The .sql file is 145 MB in size. I'm not going to append any data; it's a clean install.

How do I import this file into MS SQL Server 2012?
- I can't open it and just hit F5 as it's so big (or so I presume).
- The SQL Server import and export wizard doesn't have .sql file as an option.
- The Copy database feature didn't work (it says "The SQL Server agent does not appear to be running on the destination server...").

I'd be very grateful for any help here.


1 solution

You may try another way: instead, make a SQL backup from the source server.
You will get a .bak file.
Then, restore to the new server, using the generated .bak file.
Finally, check that the connections to the new server match those of the old one.

Here's a link that you may use for these operations, if you are not familiar with them:
Back Up and Restore of SQL Server Databases[^]

This would be much more safe than trying to import from a 145 Mb file :)

Good luck, hope this helps.
petter2012 30-Oct-15 10:58am
Thank you, I'm sure you are correct. However, I didn't seem to have privilegies to perform a backup, and not to do a Copy database either... I ended up using the Export wizard. Now that tables and their data are moved; I only need to script the sp's as well.

Thanks again!
phil.o 30-Oct-15 10:59am
You're welcome :)

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