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Hi ,

I want to loop through folder and wanted to pick only js files and then i will mizize those files and with same name i wanted to copy this new minb files to other location ,

If files conbtains inside script folder then in destination folder script folder should get created and inside that this new min file should get created , if the file is outside , then in destination folder only min file gets converted .

I have logic for minification and all , but not getting how to do proper subfolder copy to my destination files

I tried this so far for copying purpose

private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
       var folderDlg = new FolderBrowserDialog { ShowNewFolderButton = true };

       // Show the FolderBrowserDialog.
       var result = folderDlg.ShowDialog();
       if (result != DialogResult.OK) return;
       textBox1.Text = folderDlg.SelectedPath;
       var root = folderDlg.RootFolder;

   private void button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
       var arr = Directory.GetFiles(textBox1.Text, "*.js", SearchOption.AllDirectories);
       int count = 0;
       foreach (string s in arr)
           var FName = s.Split('\\');
           File.Copy(s, "C:\\Users\\Nilesh\\Desktop\\WebApplication1\\WebApplication1" + FName[FName.Length - 1]);

1 solution

Start off by not using Split - it probably won't help that much. The way I would do this is to work out where the "root folder" that holds the file is, and use String.Replace to change it. For example:
string basePath = @"D:\Temp\MyPicturesAreHere";
string newPath = @"D:\NewFolderForFiles";
string originalFile = @"D:\Temp\MyPicturesAreHere\A Folder\Another Folder\A File.js";
string newFile = originalFile.Replace(basePath, newPath);

Would print:
D:\NewFolderForFiles\A Folder\Another Folder\A File.js
Which is what you seem to be looking for.
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Torakami 1-Nov-15 0:25am    
thanks ,

below is what i have tried

private void btnMinimizer_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
var arr = Directory.GetFiles(textBox1.Text, "*.js", SearchOption.AllDirectories);

if (arr.Length == 0)
foreach (var s in arr)
var fName = s.Split('\\');
var destinationPath = Helper.DestinationLocation;

var outputDirectory = destinationPath + fName[fName.Length - 2];

if (!Directory.Exists(outputDirectory))
string result = MiniFyJs(s, outputDirectory + "\\" + fName[fName.Length - 1]);

The only problem is , if the folder is presenbt inside one folder , i want that folder should get created inside that and then inside that compress files gets created .

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