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OK, the only way to ask ths question is by giving an example.

A number pops up, that number is 56, every second it counts up by 1. You hit a button, and you can't see the timer anymore, BUT, it is still counting up every 1 second. You type in, in a text box, what you think the number is at, if the number is at 67, and you guess 66, or 68, then your message box pops up saying you won. I have all of that besides the old sentence. Help?
Updated 25-Aug-10 8:33am
Richard MacCutchan 25-Aug-10 7:53am    
And what exactly is your question?
CPallini 25-Aug-10 8:03am    
What's your trouble about?
Dalek Dave 25-Aug-10 9:54am    
This sounds like a previously asked question.
Christian Graus 25-Aug-10 16:25pm    
Reason for my vote of 1
Duplicate question


This sounds like a great project. To get started, look for an example that is similar to what you want to achieve and have a go. There are lots of articles on this site that can help you.

If or when you get stuck, post a small snippet of your problem code and a description of the problem and perhaps someone will be able to offer advice.

Best of luck. :)
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Dalek Dave 25-Aug-10 9:55am    
Didn't see the sarcasm icon, have you run out?
To make the game more interesting, you should provide somethig to keep them from trying to count the seconds, and THEN ask them to guess how many seconds:

- Solve an anagram
- Perform a simple math calculation
- Arrange playing cards in the correct order
- Provide parts for a robot and make them build one (using all of the parts.
- A simple logic puzzle of some kind

Anyway, what's your actual question? Have you tried to create this program yet?
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Dalek Dave 25-Aug-10 9:55am    
I think this is this weeks homework project, this is not the first time something like this has been asked today.
Christian Graus 25-Aug-10 16:25pm    
It was the same person asking both times.
jerryg225 25-Aug-10 18:08pm    
Hey, thanks for the ideas, and yes, I have the basic program complete. It works.

My question is when the second reaches 45, if I want to be able to have it be up one second, or down one second, and still win. Understand? And it was me both times, lol, sorry for two threads.
"I have all of that besides the olded sentance"
the bold sentence says: "if the number is at 67, and you guess 66, or 68..."
So what is so difficult? You compare the entered number with the number of your counter and when a certain condition is true, e.g. entered number = counter-1 or whatever, your new messagebox shows the you-have-won-message.
Very basic. Or did I misunderstand your question?
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