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I need to use jira Rest API to fetch some content in an excel sheet.The problem is that the server is siteminder enabled.I am using this codeproject article as reference (. ) but still cannot get to the past the siteminder login page For reference,my code is as follows:

Dim http As New WinHttp.WinHttpRequest
http.Option(WinHttpRequestOption_EnableRedirects) = False
url = ""
' Launch the HTTP request
http.Open "GET", url, False
target=http.GetResponseHeaders("location")//get the target url for post
http.Open "POST", target, False
http.setRequestHeader "Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
http.setRequestHeader "Cookie", Cookie
http.Send postData

The first http request takes me to the userlogin page of siteminder but the user doesn't get autheticated after the post request.I receive the error login page.Any suggestion as to how to get the user autheticated?
Updated 4-Nov-15 8:10am
Richard Deeming 4-Nov-15 13:16pm
If you have a question about an article, the best place to ask is the forum at the bottom of the article. The person who wrote the code is the person most likely to be able to help you.
Mridula Priya 4-Nov-15 13:43pm
Will do so.Thanks!The problem is the article is written using VB.NET whereas I am using excel.I am facing difficulty in translating

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