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During building .NET applications we refer to BCL/FCL .
In which language they are written (C++ / C# /VB ) ?
And how can I find , that in what language they are written ,it from developer side ?

I have used ILDASM for system.dll in framework 2.0 to view namespaces and classes defined in it.

Why these code generators required and how they work actually in studio.
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Updated 25-Aug-10 19:44pm
Ketan D Kulkarni 26-Aug-10 2:12am    
Yes sir you are right but I am interested in this because that is what .NET reflector is doing ...

I have no idea what BCL or FCL are, but why does it matter what they were written in ? You can try to use a tool like Reflektor to view the assembly, if that works, they were written in .NET.

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Maybe this[^] can help.
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Ketan D Kulkarni 26-Aug-10 2:17am    
Hi sir ,
How is that going to help to my question?
Christian Graus 26-Aug-10 2:32am    
He said that because of what your subject header is. I still don't know what you were asking, exactly, or why.
Do you mean object browser (F2) in view menu kind of thing.
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Ketan D Kulkarni 26-Aug-10 2:34am    
No not that ..But whenever U write code in studio automatically language specific code is generated by code generator classes in System.dll but in which language those classes are written .( All in all in which language all base class libraries are written ??)

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