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How I can display the contents of one page to another?

This question makes no sense. Is this a web site ? If so, why did you not tag it ASP.NET ? If it's not, your question makes even less sense. If it's a web site, your best bet is to rewrite the page in question as a control, and use the same control on two pages. Your other page does not exist at all except for a moment when it's being requested, so it can't be accessed in code.
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What do you mean by this?

Do you mean expose the data fromm one form to another?

Please be more specific and succinct, it will enable more help to be readily forthcoming.
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Christian Graus 27-Aug-10 5:27am    
I thought I said that :-) It's typical of these people that ask vague and meaningless questions that they don't answer though. They just ask the same question verbatim tomorrow.

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